Sustaining responsible innovations through responsible finance: exploring the strategy process and alignment at Triodos Bank

A literature review on the interface between Sustainable Development (SD), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Stakeholders' theory (ST) in the field of strategic management led us to formulate a set of research questions to start our case study on Triodos Bank. How does a bank that has been founded with the project and object of supporting sustainable development and the "social economy" succeed in performing its mission. How does it achieve its objectives as a provider of “responsible finance" to sustain responsible innovations" led by their clients? What is the evolution in its strategies (content, process)and actions? How does Triodos align its strategies and actions to its mission? How are both internal and external stakeholders involved in the strategy process and how do they contribute to this alignment? This paper aims at providing insights to answering thesequestions.




... We believe that there is still a lack of understanding of how organizations, like Triodos Bank,that have been founded with the aim of supporting SD can sustain their performances,including in a period of recession, without compromising their mission. More specifically ourintent is to explore, in the case of Triodos, the evolution of corporate and business level strategies (content and process), their alignment to the company's mission as well as the involvement of internal but also external stakeholders in these processes. We hope that our
preliminary case study research will provide some contribution in the field.
Introducing Triodos.
Triodos Bank enjoys a continuous growth (and profitability) since its foundation in 1980 in the Netherlands. The growth of the bank has been and is fueled by both product-service-and
market expansion and internationalization. Today Triodos has branches in the Netherlands,Belgium, Spain, UK and Germany. Even if Triodos Bank is a small one, its performances are remarkable....