From here I will build everything

Cédric Eeckhout part de ses initiales C.E. (égales à celles de la Communauté européenne), pour faire un parallèle entre sa propre crise et celle que traverse l'Europe. Tout cela accompagné de l'histoire du divorce de ses parents (flamand/wallon), des interventions de sa mère, et de son chat Jésus.

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Mise en scène : Cédric Eeckhout
Dramaturgie : Nils Haarmann
Interprétation : Cédric Eeckhout, Douglas Grauwels, Jo Libertiaux
Scénographie : Laurence Hermant
Costumes : Laurence Hermant
Collaboration artistique : Douglas Grauwels


Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


Entrée public
A jardin : La mère est déjà là en train de couper des pommes de terre,.... A cour : Un chat, au piano, joue l’hymne européen
Au centre : micro sur pied.
La mere : Cédric, tu peux venir.
Un chevalier en armure entre, du fond de la scène jusqu’au micro. Le chat joue un jingle style Stand-up.
Hello, hello everybody. My name is Cédric Eeckhout, Eeckhout is EEC-khout. (il regarde son chat). Here is my cat, Jesus.
Chat : Hou !
Cedric : And here is my mum. My real mum. I ask her to join me on stage. Thank you mum. Her name is Jo.
Mère : Bonsoir
My mother is Wallonian and my father is flemish. The Flemish part is not here tonight because it’s complicated with Wallonia.
(il regarde sa mère à nouveau qui répond hésitante en néerlandais : Ik kan niet spreek nederlands). So, as you can see, I am a real product of Belgium, Ik ben un belge produit.
And, as I don’t want to take sides tonight in the Belgian conflict, nor in the family conflict, I choose to express myself in English.
Also because my mum doesn’t understand everything in english.
My parents got divorced in 1982, when Belgium was one-third of a group known as Benelux. At this time, Benelux was part of the European Economic Community, known as the E.E.C. (like the beginning of my family name : Eeckhout). Later, in 1993 when the E.E.C. was renamed the European Community, known as E.C. Eeckhout Cedric, my parents remarried. (regarde sa mère en souriant) But both with other people.
My first and longest relationship till now ended in 2009, when the E.C. disappeared completely to be absorbed into what we still call the European Union, known as E.U... and my second name is Urbin, so again, Eeckhout Urbin, E.U. (cymbale), European Union !

And I live in Brussels the unofficial capital of the European Union and the official capital of Belgium; this slut, who was in a threesome called BENELUX and is now part of a group sex organization called Europe and, Europe is in crisis AND SO AM I. I AM IN CRISIS (cymbale x 9). Thank you Jesus.
Is the group the problem? Personally, I have nothing against group sex, threesomes or traditional relationships. I think that an open relationship is quite a good solution. If you want to be free, or feel free, I mean “do what ever you want with your body babe, just take responsibility for it!” ... anyway, I’m very open to any solutions because, for sure, I do have a problem with “separation”, “end of contract”, “broken promises”, ....
So, we got it, I am alone- I am in crisis, I am the European Eeckhout Crisis, the E.E.C. But I can’t handle hearing anymore that I am in crisis, “ It’s the crisis, we are in crisis, it’s the fault of the crisis”. Me who doesn’t want to be called CRISIS like Europe who is now divorced from England for example...
Me, I want a never-ending love story... I want many, many years!!! This is my quest in 2017! That’s my way to fight! To have my own UNION! I want a long UNION!